After finding personal prayer retreats to be profoundly impactful in my own life, I welcomed an opportunity to lead one for my church small group.

The rest is history.

Each time that I have gone away with a group of women to worship and pray, we have come back with stories of deepening friendships, faith, and powerful encounters with God. These stories continue to fuel a fire in me to create opportunities for us to encounter God in similar ways.

Although I have been following Jesus since I was young, it was a powerful encounter with God through prayer ministry in 2008 that blew the doors open for me.

Forever changed by a new work that the Holy Spirit began doing in my life, and strongly influenced by prayer modeled for me at CityChurch (and John Peters at St. Mary's London) and in the writings of John Wimber, I began leading practical workshops training people in how we can better follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Over the last several years I have been privileged to teach regularly on a variety of subjects, focusing largely on how we sense and follow God's leading.

Here's a talk that I gave about the "roundabout" path on which God led the Israelites in the Exodus from Egypt -- and what that means for us today.